Building Information Modelling (BIM)


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a system of working which allows project information to be efficiently processed, distributed and displayed – saving the end user money, and decreasing the time taken to complete a project through collaboration between all stakeholders in a shared common data environment.

At Ridings, we work to the highest BIM Level 2 standards, creating models with all the information the client may need to get their building up and running – and keep it that way.

The benefits of BIM are not just seen in the construction phase, but the client will continue to reap the rewards of BIM far into the future when it comes to servicing and maintaining the building in the years to come.

We use 3D modelling software to visualise the building, insert technical data and allow the work to be accurately costed.

Working with BIM allows the project to work to accurate timescales, giving the client peace of mind.

Our information model is broken down into three aspects:

(Maintenance instructions…)

Non-Graphical Data
(Costs, calculations…)

Graphical Model
(3D modelling…)